During the 14 years in the offshore wind market, we have developed our proven FOB SWATH submersible vessels.

While being submerged with the lower hull under the waterline and with her sharp lines and "legs", the vessels movements are considerable reduced. The vessels have Marine Evacuation System with automatic slides and the rescue net enable one operator to save persons from the sea. The special bow fender allows the vessels to stay safe against the turbines in up to 2 mHs.

Speed about 20 to 24 knots depending on horse power, cargo and fuel quantity. May stay offshore for a longer period. Accelerations movements between 0.75 and 1.25, which are on the lowest sea sickness index and gives great Comfort.The 4 side thrusters and 2 main pitch propellers improves the maneuverabilities. Single cabins with WC/Shower for each crew member, Satellite Internet, possibility for person tracking, etc. FOB SWATH 7's DP system assist on delivery of up to 30 Cub. m. of fuel. Length over all from 25 to 32 m. Fuel consumption of about 400 to 480 liters per hour. Comfort seatings for up to 40 persons.

Vessels Certificates: + DNV GL, R1, E0, Clean, International trade, IMO 2000 HSC code (High Speed Craft), DMA (Danish Maritime Authority) Category A, GMDSS area and IMCA guidelines.




Odfjell Eiendom AS, Bergen, Norway is the holding company with long term investments in real estate with over 115,000 m² of commercial properties and in shipping with; Special service vessels for offshore wind industry, Cable protection for offshore industry, Custom built vessels for trading in the Bahamas and ice-class vessels for the Baltic Sea.

FOB Swath 1 
FOB Swath 2
FOB Swath 3
FOB Swath 4
FOB Swath 5
FOB Swath 6 (Lina 1)
FOB Swath 7

Cable protection for offshore applications.

MT Ocean Energy
MT Atlantic Breeze
MT Ocean Breeze
MT Ocean Trader
MT Atlantic Sun
MT Tropic Breeze
MT Ander

MT Sten Arnold
MT Sten Suomi
MT Sten Bothnia
MT Stenberg
MT Sten Moster
MT Sten Aurora
MT Sten Frigg
MT Sten Bergen
MT Sten Skagen
MT Sten Fjell
MT Sten Idun
MT Stenheim
MT Sten Hildra
MT Sten Baltic