During the 16 years in the offshore market, we have developed our proven FOB SWATH submersible vessels. (SWATH: Small Waterline Area Twin Hull). It is not only to have the best vessels, but also to have the best human factor. Crew and Company provides experience, responsibility, safety, flexibility and 24-hour service.



The lower hulls are narrow, long and sharp and she cuts through the waves (wave-piercing) with minimum movements. The SWATH design creates comfort with the "legs", the distance between sea level and upper hull, the four foils and Interceptors, - all improves vessel's trim, pitch, roll and slamming.




Being submerged, the movements and slamming are considerably reduced due to the "legs", the distances from submerged lower hull to sea level and from sea level to upper hull. This enable the vessels to operate comfortably in enlarge wave heights, and stay on the sites for extended periods.



The special bow fender includes our patent system with side forces on the access system, center the bow to correct position, increases safety and the abilities to work in wave heights of 2 m Hs.



  1. Our new vessel, Fob Swath 8's fuel consumption are at 20 knots 350 liters/hour and at 30 knots 620 liters/hour
  2. Maneuvering from 1/3 forward to 1/3 aft takes 1 second, bow thrusters and water jets gives 7-ton side trust, all assists with "soft landings" and extra utilization days
  3. Acceleration in accordance with 2000 HSC Code, vertical acceleration under 1g, lowest sea sickness index - 0.75 to 1.25, free opening between main and accommodation decks assists to keep the sound level under 60 decibels, comfortable seating's - all provides comfort
  4. Fob Swath 8's speed at 90% KW = 35 knots, if one propulsion unit falls out, she runs with 30 knots
  5. By using waterjet, the vibrations while staying against the "landings" and propeller damages are avoided
  6. Extra bunker capacity allows staying offshore for a long period, and she can refill generator-sets
  7. Cargo area, up to 80 m2
  8. Passenger for up to 60 persons
  9. Crane for loading and discharging
  10. During repair and maintenance, another Fob Swath vessel may substitute
  11. Marine Evacuation System (MES) with slides
  12. The special rescue net allows to save persons from the sea with one deck-man
  13. Vessel's gangway operates hydraulically, simple and safe
  14. All crewmembers have single cabins with WC and shower
  15. In stock with considerable spare parts and complete engines
  16. Classed by DNV-GL, approved by Danish Maritime Directorate and sails with Danish flag

ODFJELL EIENDOM AS, Bergen, Norway is the holding company with long term investments in real estate with over 115,000 m² of commercial properties, Special service vessels and Cable protection for offshore industry, Custom built vessels for trading in the Bahamas and Ice-class vessels for the Baltic Sea.

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