With 20-year experience in the offshore wind market, we have developed our 10 FOB SWATH semi-submersible vessels. Our goal is to have the best personnel and vessels, using our experience to provide reliable service. Approved by Danish Maritime Authority, DNV Classification and Document of compliance with ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and ISO-45001.


The vessels have two lower hulls built for optimal stability and speed. Pitch, roll, and slam is reduced due to the vessels design with ample distance from seawater to water deck. Our vessels with exceptional large water jets, each supply 3000 liters of water per second, provide great maneuverability together with the vessel’s automatic moveable foils. To change from CAT to submerged mode (SWATH) or vice versa takes about 2 minutes. In rough sea and submerged mode, our vessels movements are significant reduced, supplying safety and comfort for all on board.


Our unique patented bow fender supplies soft landings and our moveable clamps used outside the turbine’s docking poles keep the vessels in the correct position and allow service personnel to use the “landings” in up to 2 m Hs. Fob Swath vessels achieve annually 40 to 50 extra working days compared with regular crew transfer vessels.



  1. Fob Swath (FS) vessels have the following speed: FS 1 = 18 knots. FS 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 = 22 knots. FS 8 = 27 knots. FS 9 and 10 = 35 knots and if one propulsion unit should fail, these vessels continue with 25 knots.
  2. Sailing the same distance, fuel consumption for our 32.5 m vessels at 33 knots is like our 25 m vessels at 22 knots. They can be powered with HVO(B100) or GTL fuels, reducing CO2 emissions up to 90%.
  3. Our vessels have Dynamic Position (DP), used as well while receiving and delivering cargo, fuel, and electivity.
  4. Acceleration in accordance with the High-Speed Code 2000, with vertical acceleration under 1G, lowest sea sickness index 0.75 to 1.25. Comfortable and safe seats, sound level below 60 decibels.
  5. FS 8, 9, & 10 are approved for 55 industrial personnel (IP) with seats and life-saving appliances and deck space of 75 m2. FS 1 to 7 approved for 24 IP with seats and lifesaving appliances and deck space of 35 m2.
  6. If one of our vessels needs service, another of our available vessels may take its place.
  7. One deckman operates our vessels hydraulic rescue net.
  8. Fob Swath 8, 9 and 10 have hydraulic operated gangway, and all our vessels are equipped with cargo crane.
  9. Our workshop has considerable spare parts incl. engines and gears.

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ASSOCIATED COMPANIES: Odfjell Eiendom AS, Bergen, Norway, has long term investments in real estate with over 150 000 m² of commercial properties, part owners in custom-built tankers for the Bahamas, ice-classed tankers for the Baltic Sea and special vessels for the Offshore wind industry.

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